Elements Of Yellow Eyes Cure


I went to famous hospitals and saw famous doctors one after another and used every form of eye drop. It just did not work and my eyes were still in pain. Information on the internet said there was a preservative in artificial tears. This isn't well for the eyes. However I found the eye drops without the preservative did not do any good for my eyes either. Seeing doctors over and over again and trying many different cures, the answer I got was that dry eye is incurable. How could I accept it? A sister in my church is an eye-care professional. She told me that there's no cure for dry eye yet and suggested that the less artificial tears I used the better.

You can make a natural eye wash for the eyes. Boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds in 1 cup of water and use it to wash your eyes. It is very effective to treat styes and can also gently cleanse your eyes.

I continued to seek medical advice and even tried herbal medications. Nothing changed, except for gaining new symptoms: there were white crusts on the rest of my eyelashes and yellow grains around my eyelids. Sometimes they dissipated and sometimes recurred. I was so distressed.

One thing about dry eye is that you often look like normal people and others can neither see nor understand what you're going through, so only you find out how much you suffer. This disease will not kill you but deprive you of the capacity to work in an office. You cannot watch TV or movies, nor even use a computer. The most common treatment is artificial tears. These ruin your eyes. I was desperate after so much unbearable pain and dryness. I was still young, only 26 years old. I could not stand the idea of living with this pain all my life.

I prayed to God. And thank God, having failed after trying so many times, through daily prayers God showed me this magical method. My symptoms improved greatly after persisting in applying this for nearly two months. Although my eyes still cannot bear strong winds and strong light, they'ren't so dry and I am in a far better mood.

My left eye was moderately affected, while the right eye was a bit better. In the afternoon I would feel like my eyes were swollen. By dusk I 'd be blinking uncontrollably. Both eyes would be red and painful by night time. My left eye couldn't produce tears.

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